Month: January 2016

Tim Kemple with the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System

Around the globe with Tim Kemple and the XF 100MP Camera System

Action and sports photographer, Tim Kemple took over our Instagram account showing us his work with the XF 100MP Camera System on a journey around the world. It’s all about authenticity, rawness, passion, and place.  Shooting a dare-devil Tim Kemple shoots dare-devil slackline walker in the Moab Desert, Utah, with the XF 100MP and 28mm Schneider lens.   “This image was shot near the summit of ‘The Rectory’ formation were we climbed about 100m up to get this incredible perspective with the famous ‘Castleton Tower’ in the background. Théo Sanson walking a world record 493 meters between Castleton Tower and the Rectory near Moab, UT. Something I learned this weekend: in order to walk these new long lines, the webbing isn’t rigged as tightly as it was in the past. The ‘slack’ in the system keeps the line from bucking you off as easily. During this walk, Théo was almost 30m below the start and finish points while in the middle of the line.” “Watching Théo Sanson spend what seemed like an hour of complete …