Month: October 2016

Phase One's Vice President of R&D Lau Nørgaard

Phase One’s Lau Nørgaard goes to Mongolia

Our very own Lau Nørgaard, Vice President of R&D here at Phase One takes over our Instagram. Through images taken on the mountains and plains of Mongolia, Lau will share his passion for the technology and hard work that goes into creating our cameras, firmware, and lenses. On a hilltop in Mongolia “I was on a hilltop in Mongolia at sunrise trying to capture the delicate colors of the grassland in the early morning light. It was quite windy and shooting with the Blue Ring 240mm lens was a challenge. The smallest vibrations with the exposure times required in the low light would result in un-sharp images. And of course, with dawn or dusk pictures, time is of the essence for the perfect shot. However, using the new electronic shutter feature on the IQ3 100MP and vibration delay meant that I got critically sharp shots even on relatively long exposure times with the wind roaring around me.” “Dawn on a hilltop in Mongolia, testing out the new Blue Ring 150mm lens for real for the …