Month: November 2016

Jason Bell for Phase One shooting with the 100MP XF Camera System

Jason Bell on location for Vogue UK

“I wanted to shoot the Poldark cast on location, as an obvious reference to the show they are all starring in. But I didn’t want to have it look like the show, more a Vogue nod to the show.   Behind the Scenes for a VOGUE shoot “I knew there would be low light, and I love working with daylight as much as possible. It was a dull grey day and we were at times inside or in a forest, so there was not much available light. The higher ISOs you can you use with XF 100MP Camera System and still get crisp, noise-free images made it the obvious choice for me.” “When on location, I try to keep the setup as simple as possible so that we can concentrate on making images, not technical arrangements.” “Shooting directly to a laptop with Capture One on set is great, as it’s small and portable. It allows us to keep the subjects enthused in the process by occasionally (but not too often) showing them some of the …

Fashion photographer, Nicklas Ingemann used the Phase One IQ3 100MP Digital Back

Fashion photography tips with Nicklas Ingemann

Fashion photographer, Nicklas Ingemann, took over our Instagram account and shared his top tips and tricks for his fashion shoots. The intensity of a fashion shoot “My lighting setups are extremely important to me, as they shape the image. Model Charlie Bredal has a unique look, and I wanted to capture the intensity of her look with the XF 100MP. Each lighting group had to be tweaked in power, which was pretty easy directly from the camera with the improved control of Profoto’s Profoto Air.” “Ever had the feeling of being crowded around the tethering station by a curious creative team, wanting to see their work as it pops up on the screen? “I usually bring an iPad to shoots to avoid just that, also giving the team or the client a possibility to rate the images as they are shot when using the Capture One Pro Capture Pilot app.” “As a professional photographer, it provides endless joy when the client is excited about the images while still in the creative process.” Mutual understanding between …

Tommy Reynolds and team went to Iceland and showed us their trip from start to finish to Iceland with a Phase One XF IQ3 50MP.

View Iceland through the lens of Tommy Reynolds

Tommy Reynolds and his team went to Iceland to shoot the beautiful landscape and showed us their trip from start to finish. Capturing Iceland with the XF “My first thought when I took the XF Camera System out of its case was how beautiful the design was and how well-balanced it feels in your hands. I took a test shot and got a little bit too excited at the shutter sound…to that, I can only say, ‘it’s a photographer thing.’ “For shooting landscapes in Iceland, the XF Camera System was easily the best tool for the job. “This was my first experience using the XF Camera System or any digital medium format camera. So it’s no surprise to say that this was a huge jump from my usual camera in terms of detail and, of course, the 15 stops of dynamic range.” “Being able to pull the shadow detail was like working with an HDR composite. It was too easy and a huge advantage. I used the camera’s built-in time-lapse tool to act as an intervalometer …