Month: December 2016

Michael Wicander Phase One 'Hygge' competition

How do you Capture ‘Hygge’?

How do you capture ‘hygge’? This November, we invited Phase One photographers to participate in a contest by capturing the essence of the Danish phenomena ‘hygge’. The Danish concept of ‘hygge’ loosely means a feeling of pure coziness and content. Needless to say, the entries were as different as the photographers themselves. Here are some of the pictures that we received from all over the world. Gustavo Marx captured a happy scene that radiates the warmth of the day and has a sense of carefree contentment. “The afternoon was magical. We had spent hours at the margin of a glistening lake in Brazil and were ready to wrap up and go home. This image almost shot itself without my intervention. One of those overpowering instinctive reactions one just can’t avoid. I’m just grateful for having captured this instant in time. ” Congratulations to Gustavo, who was the winner of our ‘Capture Hygge’ contest, who won a Schneider Kreuznach 35mm Blue Ring lens. “I wanted to capture a cold winter evening sitting inside making a warm cocktail …