Month: July 2017

Aerial photographer, Joshua Jensen-Nagle shooting with the IQ3 100MP Digital Back

Aerial photography: Dreamy scenes from above

Aerial photographer, Joshua Jensen-Nagle is best known for his aerial photographs of beach or snow-scapes, swarming with colorful life. Joshua spoke with Phase One to tell us about himself and his work, focusing on aerial photography and the equipment he uses to create his distinctive works of art. About Joshua’s style “I have always strived to use photography as a means to create and evoke emotion rather than simply document a reality. ” “Early in my career, the dreamlike style that I have become known for was very apparent as I photographed works with old Polaroid cameras and expired Polaroid film. Now, using a Phase One, this style is much more subtle, but the softness is preserved through my process, and enhanced through the paper I choose to print on as well as my face-mounting format.” Why beaches and winter landscapes? “Beaches have always been a fascination to me. As a child, I spent my summers in Mantoloking, along the New Jersey Shore staying with my grandfather at his beach house.  Some of my earliest works …

World adventurer and photographer Paul Reiffer travels the world with Phase One IQ3 Digital Back 100MP

Landscape photography with Paul Reiffer

World adventurer and photographer Paul Reiffer have traveled around the world capturing people, landscapes and commercial images for many years. Diamond Beach, Jokulsarlon, Iceland “How cold is the water in Iceland during the winter? VERY. Very, very, very cold. Which is something I learned about 3 seconds before I clicked the button to capture this image of one of the baby icebergs washed up on Iceland’s Diamond Beach, at the mouth of Jokulsarlon. On the basis of “if you’re already wet, you may as well get the shot” – I clicked just in time to capture this block before it rolled back out to sea, then running back to the car to switch back into dry clothes and shoes.” Technical info for the picture: IQ3 100MP – 28mm, f/14, 2.5 seconds Stonehenge, England “Standing for thousands of years, deep within the English countryside just outside of Amesbury, Wiltshire – this ancient circle of Neolithic stones is recognised by historians and tourists from all around the world. With special “inner circle” access to the stone ring …

Vincent Lions used the Phase One XF Camera System to capture his product photography

Concept to Capture: A guide to product photography workflow and technique

Toronto based product and commercial photographer, Vincent Lions, shows us how he achieves perfect sharpness from end-to-end on his product photography shots. Vincent takes us step-by-step through every aspect of his product photo shoot, from sketching the concept to the final results. Download the e-book where Vincent shares his workflow from concept to capture. Concept to Capture: A guide to product photography workflow & technique “I won’t lie to you: I shot multiple images of the watch in water before I got the result I was looking for. And if you add elements such as liquid, smoke, or basically anything organic or in motion; you have to accept you’re working with some factors that you can’t always fully control.” A 100% crop of the picture above. Sketches for the photo shoot “I very often start my projects with a sketch. It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, but it helps me to share ideas with my client. That way, I can also explore different options before going on set and figure out what material I …