Month: August 2017

Landscape photographer, Steve Gosling shooting the world’s first 100-megapixel Achromatic Digital Back.

Black and White landscape photography with Steve Gosling

To honor the photographers who dedicate themselves to the classic tradition of black and white photography, Phase One designed the world’s first 100-megapixel Achromatic Digital Back. Landscape photographer, Steve Gosling, kindly shared his thoughts on black and white photography, and we found out what makes him so passionate about the genre.   “I’ve been taking photographs since the age of seven, and when I started out, black and white film was the only realistic option (color film was expensive to buy and to process) so I grew up seeing the world as a black and white photograph. So, although I do occasionally shoot color, my default is to see the world in black and white. Learning to see in black and white requires the photographer to develop a new vision that reduces the landscape to interlocking shapes and tones. This requires practice and experience. “Personally, I like the fact that working in monochrome removes the distraction of color. There are times when color doesn’t add anything – or worse, just seems to get in the …