Month: July 2018

Murray Fredericks capturing Vanity with the Phase One XF Camera System

Capturing Vanity with Phase One

Patience, passion, and dedication. It’s no surprise these are the makings of great photographs, and you’ll find an excess of all three in Murray Fredericks Vanity. A body of work like Vanity doesn’t happen overnight, and Murray’s passion for the project started in earnest over 15 years ago. Murray’s dedication to Vanity required over 20 individual trips to Kati-Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park in South Australia. The patience necessary to spend weeks on end with nothing more than a tent, bicycle, and camera is overshadowed only by Murray’s desire to ply his craft with the highest quality camera equipment available, ensuring the vision of Vanity is dutifully portrayed. Viewing on Vanity Vanity aims to explore the human condition in our current age. The images offer a humbling look into the vastness of Lake Eyre landscape and make humans seem insignificant. The striking simplicity of the images forces the viewer to engage in the dialogue of Vanity. The mirror, being a symbol of self-reflection, is instead used to redirect the viewers gaze away from themselves and into the immense …

Bastiaan Woudt travels the world with his XF Camera System complemented by the Schneider Kreauznach 80mm f/2.8, 110mm f/2.8, and 150mm f/3.5 lenses.

Exploring the world with a compact lens kit

Bastiaan Woudt works in a wide range of photographic disciplines: landscape, still life, and portrait. He travels the world with his XF Camera System complemented by the Schneider Kreuznach 80mm f/2.8, 110mm f/2.8, and 150mm f/3.5 lenses. We caught up with him between assignments to ask a few questions about his inspiration, tools, and his minimalist lens approach. The right lens for the moment “Having the right lens is essential to my work. When a photographer starts to determine their signature style and workflow, they will start to find their favorite focal lengths to work with. In many cases, the choice of focal length and lens can really define the style of the photographer. For me, it doesn’t matter what my subject is. Landscapes, still life, or people, they all combine to form my body of work. “I love to shoot portraits and work with people, but I don’t like to be labeled as a portrait photographer.” A unique expression with a compact lens kit “The focal length of the Schneider Kreuznach 80mm f/2.8 gives …