Author: Ausra Babiedaite

The Red Sindrom edition, ‘There’s Still Life on Mars’ is a visual essay by photographer, Ausra Babiedaite using the Phase One XF Camera System

Red Sindrom: There’s Still Life on Mars

Sindroms is a print magazine released biannually. Founded in Copenhagen with the idea to create a world in which colors bring new perspectives to everyday life, Sindroms was designed by a team of five young women with distinct backgrounds, but a similar mindset. They describe themselves as “a journal of monochrome states of mind,” curating content based on specific colors, and investigating them across culture while immersing readers in the feelings and moods evoked by each color. Shooting the Red Sindrom edition, ‘There’s Still Life on Mars’ is a visual essay by photographer, Ausra Babiedaite, working together with creative director Miruna Sorescu. It is a world illustrated using only red hue, channeling the states of mind that the hue provokes. They use Scandinavian design objects and create an out-of-this-world, almost alien-like still life environment, transforming the ordinary, everyday objects into something extraordinary through color. A 100% crop of the picture above The entire series was shot using the XF 100MP Camera System. Phase One spoke with photographer, Ausra Babiedaite to get an insider’s perspective on …

Fritz Hansen shoot with the XF 100MP Camera System

Shot from the Heart: On Set with Republic of Fritz Hansen

The world-renowned interior design company, Fritz Hansen, show us how an iconic brand plans and executes a photo shoot using a Phase One XF 100MP Camera System. We get the inside track from three creative minds who know how to make a brand shine. The Visual Department’s Perspective Insights from the mastermind of the Fritz Hansen ‘look’, Mie Sandfeld, Visual Department Representative. “All photo shoots begin with a brief – here we state which products we are going to take pictures of. Next, we need both to consider the purpose of the images and the target group. This is very important to make sure the images display our products in the right way – both practically with angles etc., but also emotionally to catch the viewer’s attention and hopefully get a positive reaction from them.” Planning the Shoot “When planning this photoshoot, it was important for us to consider the overall “theme” (look and feel), as well as which products would be most relevant to take pictures of. For us, the most important aspect of …