Author: Jay Brooks

Portrait photographer, Jay Brooks, shooting celebrity portraits by Stanley Tucci with Phase One IQ2 50MP Digital Back

Finding theatre in portrait photography

Images of celebrities are ubiquitous. When you see a portrait picture that captures a still moment of a familiar face, it speaks in a unique way. There are some portrait photographers that have a gift for realizing that special ‘look’ that catches a wordless message in an intimate moment. It’s in these captures that fleeting gazes, eternalized in photographs, captivate audiences. For Jay Brooks, it started with a passion for theatre and a college interest in the magic he found in darkrooms. He originally intended to be a set designer for film and theatre, taking a degree in the subject, until his interest in photography took over. He finished his studies and began working as a photographer assistant, and so began Jay’s career. A career that still reflects the lessons and disciplines learned in theatre. “There is a kind of theatre that goes on in every portrait session, a kind of dance between the photographer and the subject. I like dancing, and I like faces, I don’t think I could shoot anything that doesn’t talk …