Author: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Photographer, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen is the partner and co-founder of Norm Architects, used the Phase One IQ3 100MP to capture "Close Contact" for Sørensen Leather with Kinfolk

Close Contact with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Spheres are everywhere, a natural form that is omnipresent in the universe, from planets to the human eye, and in concepts like a circle of friends. Close Contact explores the human form and the sphere. It looks at how spherical shapes and the human body co-exist and intertwine on a conceptual level, captured in the physical on large print photographs. The texture of leather against skin Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen is the partner and co-founder of Norm Architects in addition to his work as a photographer. Together with the creative direction of Nathan Williams, co-founder of Kinfolk, they collaborated using spheres by Sørensen Leather to juxtapose the texture of leather against skin and explore the sphere-body concept. Big prints of the photo shoot The decision to use a 101-megapixel medium format camera system to make prints was a conscious decision. The camera needed be able to capture an extraordinary amount of detail not possible in other camera systems, since tactility of the subjects being photographed was at the heart of the project. The exhibition comprised of ten …

Photographer, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen shooting Scandinavian design with IQ3 100MP Digital Back

When Scandinavian design meets photography

Scandinavian Design is characterized by a seeming simplicity; though the complexities behind this careful aesthetic should not be underestimated. Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen is one of the founders of Norm Architects. He’s also a significant name in photography. Jonas uses Phase One equipment and we spoke with him about the Scandinavian design concept to find the bridge between his creation of minimalist physical spaces as an architect, and capturing these same spaces as a photographer. The architect and the photographer “We founded Norm Architects in 2008. Today we work globally with residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, graphics, art direction and – of course – photography. My interest in all these disciplines is basically an effectuation with aesthetics in general. In our designs, we always strive to balance — between richness and restraint, between order and complexity. In most Scandinavian designs, there are always details that take the product beyond the strictly simple and give it something extra. We try to reach a point where there is nothing to add and nothing to take away that can make the …