Author: Ken Hermann

Portrait photographer, Ken Hermann shooting with the XF Camera system and I used the Blue Ring 35mm, 45mm, and 150mm Schneider Kreuznach Blue Ring Lenses

Ken Hermann’s atmospheric portraits

Ken Hermann’s images are pathways, connecting us to micro-worlds and challenging us to rethink ideas of photographic representation. He is passionate about individuals and their unique stories and explores the fragile balance between people and their environment. His blending of documentary and cinematic portraiture, as well as his combination of artificial and natural lighting, results in dreamlike visions of everyday people. Beginning a career with a Phase One camera “I invested in my first Phase One camera the day after I finished my education as a photographer. It was an easy decision to make because the quality of Phase One medium format is way beyond any other 35mm camera.” The Amber Project For his Amber Project, Ken wanted to tell the story of some ‘hunters’ of amber: “Within the last few years, the price of amber has gone up by 4-500%. This has caused an ‘amber fever’ and has made it a popular thing to hunt for. People are literally waking up at three in the morning to collect these pieces of ‘Nordic gold’. My …