Author: Paloma Rincón

Paloma Rincón Infinity XF IQ4 150MP Camera System

Conceptualizing abstract ideas in product photography

We tasked Phase One Photographer Paloma Rincón with capturing an image of the XF IQ4 Camera System that conceptualized the idea of the new Infinity Platform and the high resolution – and to shoot her concept with the product itself. Here’s what Paloma had to say about inspiration and transforming an abstract idea into a tangible and visually-stimulating image. What got you interested in product and still life photography? “While I was learning and exploring different photography genres, I always kept shooting still life. It was a way to be able to experiment without depending on many people, and I found that I could have a lot of control in what I did. As I´ve always enjoyed arts and crafts, I started to include many custom-created handmade elements in my compositions. This helped me discover my own approach to still life – an approach where I can develop different skills and techniques I like. I found a way to combine all the disciplines I´m passionate about: art, design and photography. I´m always looking for the …

Paloma Rincon used the Phase One XF 100MP Trichromatic Camera System to capture her Broken Heart project

The Technical Elegance of Broken Heart

Paloma Rincon is a creative still life photographer based in Madrid, Spain. Her latest creation, the mesmerizingly chaotic Broken Heart, combines high-speed photography with frozen flowers to create explosively elegant images. We’ve asked Paloma a few questions about her inspiration, workflow and the unique challenges of this exciting project. Broken Heart was shot using the Phase One XF 100MP Trichromatic Camera System. Tell us a little about yourself and your sources of inspiration “I am a still life photographer based out of Madrid, and you could say I’m known for my graphic, playful and contemporary approach. My work spans a wide variety of international projects for advertising and editorial, and more experimental personal projects, like Broken Heart.” “Inspiration for my projects comes from the unexpected moments that materialize in everyday life and from trying to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. That can be the colors that surround me, the beautiful designs of nature, the texture in certain materials, or simply the interactions of light in the physical world.” What inspired the Broken Heart project? …