Author: Ruben Terlou

Ruben Terlou is a Dutch documentary photographer capturing China with the Phase One XF Camera System with the IQ3 100MP Digital Back

Documenting a documentary photographer

Documentary photography is a way of witnessing and capturing otherwise unknown people and places at a moment in time. Ruben Terlou is an award-winning Dutch photographer, a journalist, and medical doctor. He is known for his ability to seek out and capture special and secret places in the country that fascinates him more than any other – China. He has presented the highly acclaimed VPRO six-episode documentary, “Along the Banks of the Yangtze, China through the eyes of photographer, Ruben Terlou.” And in early 2018, he released a second documentary television series, “Through the heart of China.” Documentary photography Ruben’s fascination with China began at age 19 when he lived there studying Mandarin for almost two years with a dream of basing himself in China as a professional photographer. Although that dream was not realized and he returned home to study medicine, his passion for China remained. He channeled his passion into two documentary series for Dutch national television about contemporary Chinese life in which he combined his photography. “By stopping time, these photographs offer …