Author: Tanya Zouev

Food photographer, Tanya Zouev took over our Instagram account with the XF Camera Body, the 645DF+ body, IQ2 60MP Digital Back, Schneider Kreuznach 55mm, 80mm, 120mm macro and 150mm

Delicious food photography with Tanya Zouev

Food photographer, Tanya Zouev, treated us with mouthwatering shots when she took over our Instagram account. Beautiful food photography “I will occasionally collaborate on a test shoot with a stylist or chef if a great idea pops into my head (and if I can find the time to execute it). I had an idea to shoot a naked cake so I asked dessert chef Jun Chen make this one especially for me. I might add quickly here that a love of food is essential for beautiful food photography.” “A connection to your subject matter and a love of cooking will bring you way more success than to someone who just points their lens at a plate of food because a job happened to come along that involved something edible.” “The naked cake was shot on an XF body and an IQ2 60MP Digital Back with a Schneider Kreuznach 120mm macro lens and Profoto D1 strobes. Most of my lighting techniques are based on replicating natural light whether it be diffused window light or direct sunlight. Sometimes …