Author: Timothy Wolcott

Timothy Wolcott photographing Antarctica with the IQ3 100MP Digital Back and the XF Camera Body

Tip of the iceberg: Timothy Wolcott photographing Antarctica

Professional photographer, Timothy Wolcott comes from a long line of photographers. He has continued the family tradition, specializing in landscape photography, for which he was twice awarded “World’s Best Landscape Photograph” by the Smithsonian. He shoots with Phase One, and we asked him about his inspiration for his Antarctica shoot and his techniques. Where do you find your inspiration? “I find my inspiration from looking at photography like I was a painter. I look at paintings, Japanese folding screens and drawing out my future photographs I hope to see in the wild. I try to capture the landscape in its most intimate form. I like to make them look like a fantasy by envisioning what light is needed to make the most amazing images. Then waiting and picking exactly the right height, angle space around the subject. I’m usually inspired by bits and pieces of things I’ve seen and I draw hoping to see them in the future.” How do you pick your locations for your photography? “Most of the time finding the right location is about finding …