Author: Vincent Lions

Vincent Lions used the Phase One XF Camera System to capture his product photography

Concept to Capture: A guide to product photography workflow and technique

Toronto based product and commercial photographer, Vincent Lions, shows us how he achieves perfect sharpness from end-to-end on his product photography shots. Vincent takes us step-by-step through every aspect of his product photo shoot, from sketching the concept to the final results. Download the e-book where Vincent shares his workflow from concept to capture. Concept to Capture: A guide to product photography workflow & technique “I won’t lie to you: I shot multiple images of the watch in water before I got the result I was looking for. And if you add elements such as liquid, smoke, or basically anything organic or in motion; you have to accept you’re working with some factors that you can’t always fully control.” A 100% crop of the picture above. Sketches for the photo shoot “I very often start my projects with a sketch. It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, but it helps me to share ideas with my client. That way, I can also explore different options before going on set and figure out what material I …