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Behind the scenes with Phase One

Photographer, Marie Baersch showing us her Phase One XF Camera System

We have collected some of our favorite behind the scenes photos. From deserts to the ocean, see the camera as it is shooting around the world.

The desert

“When I use medium format, I slow down. I think much more about the image I have to take, the framing, the composition, light etc. I plan the shoot much more before I actually take the picture and it is another kind of image I take. I often use DSLR when it is more like a reportage shoot, for example when I have to get up in a wind turbine, or out on an oil rig shooting, where I do not have a lot of time, and the subjects are moving around, forcing me to catch the situation rather than planning it.” – Tom Lindboe.

Tom Lindboe is a US-based Danish advertising photographer, who has worked through many genres of photography, from fashion, beauty, architecture, interior, lifestyle, to industrial photography using Phase One XF IQ3 100MP Camera System

North American landscape

Reuben Wu working with the XF 100MP Camera System recently for his Lux Noctis series, capturing the beautiful North American landscape.

Photographer, Reuben Wu showing us his Phase One XF Camera System

Blue Ring lens

“Not much to say. I just love the Blue Ring lenses…” – Ken Hermann

Photographer, Ken Hermann showing us his Phase One XF Camera System

Behind the scenes

Picture taken by Ausra Babiedaite

Photographer, Ausra Babiedaite shows us her Phase One XF Camera System


“You’ll see that I work with the XF Body and Blue Ring lenses and with Arca Swiss technical cameras. In a matter of seconds, I can switch my IQ3 100MP between both systems. Super efficient without having to compromise on quality.

“I use the XF 100MP camera in circumstances where lens shift is not required or where the special features of the camera come in handy, like for example, in automatic bracketing, focus stacking, timelapse, the waist viewfinder, and remote wifi control via Capture Pilot. I also use it to make details of architecture with Blue Ring tele lenses.” – Toon Grobet

Photographer, Toon Grobert showing us his Phase One XF Camera System

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