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How Mikael Helsing gained a new perspective on the great outdoors

The end of Mikael Helsing’s frustrating career as a professional skier marked the start of a different career. Photographing the mountains was the next challenge – where Mikael’s knowledge from various adventure sports combined with his knowledge of nature to help him discover and capture special locations and moments. Interview with Innovafoto: Can you talk a bit about yourself and how you built a career in outdoor photography? I’m Swedish, but have lived and worked in Spain since 1991. I was introduced to the world of photography in Sweden, a couple of years before my move when I came to the realization that my career as a skier wasn’t as successful as I had hoped. I had to change plans. My combination of nature lover, sports fan, and photographer helped pave the way to my new career in outdoor photography. Since then, I have been shooting photos of outdoor activities and sports for clients from all over the world. I’ve shot a wide variety of sports – skiing, mountain biking, trekking, trail running, cycling, running, …

The speed of medium format with photographer Garret M. Clarke. He was recently selected to attend the Red Bull Photography Academy in Tokyo, Japan where he shot athletes in action. For this project, Garret used the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System and put it to the tes

The speed of medium format

Photographer Garret M. Clarke is a storyteller who uses imagery as his preferred mode of expression. He was recently selected to attend the Red Bull Photography Academy in Tokyo, Japan where he shot athletes in action. For this project, Garret used the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System and put it to the test. There is a perception out there that medium format is not suited to sports or action photography. So we asked Garret about his experience and the results he got using Phase One medium format in a high-speed sports shoot. Giving Phase One a go in Tokyo “I was recently very fortunate to be selected to attend the Red Bull Photography Academy in Tokyo. The night before the first shoot I took the Phase One out for a stroll on the streets of Shinjuku. I wanted to familiarize myself with the settings and controls, as well as see how it felt in my hands before shooting with it. While the fundamentals are easy to access on a Phase One, there are so …

Iden Ford on growing as a photographer

Based in Toronto, Iden Ford specializes in still and promotional gallery photography for the film and television industry. Some of his other projects include portrait and dance photography. His work is often featured in promotional artwork and advertisements plus feature reviews for CBS television, Entertainment Weekly, and The Washington Post to name a few. We asked him to share his story on how he got started with photography to where he is today. The start of a successful career “I started out in 2003. It took a fair amount of time to get into the film and TV union, which was my goal. I worked shooting for a theatre in Toronto called the Young People’s Theatre where I photographed posters with the cast for the individual shows as well as the dress rehearsals. It was rather thrilling to see my name in the Toronto Star accompanying a review of the show that I had shot. I’m primarily a portrait photographer in a general sense. While I have a small portrait studio for headshots, most of …

Landscape and sports photographer, Michael Blann shooting with the IQ2 50MP Digital Back

Tour de Landscape: Michael Blann’s Cycling Photography

Michael Blann is one of those rare people who united his two great passions and created something wonderful. His love for cycling and landscape photography came together, and out of this emerged beautiful works of art depicting athletic endeavors in gorgeous locations from high above. Michael Blann spoke with Phase One about his journey from Tour de France dreamer to capturing the dream in photographs. The course of Michael Blann’s career “I grew up cycling (when it was unfashionable), watching the Tour de France and I even raced seriously in Australia when I was 19-20 years old. I wanted to turn pro but it didn’t quite happen. It took another 25 years before I connected my two passions, cycling, and photography together when I started a personal project on the famous cycling climbs. This eventually evolved into a 3-year project and a coffee table book Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs.” “Like many personal projects, it’s not always clear why you start them, but this becomes apparent over the course of the project. There was certainly a …

Emmanuel Bournot shoots using the IQ140 Digital Back mounted on a 645 DF. The lenses he uses include the Schneider Kreuznach LS 80mm f / 2.8 and Schneider Kreuznach LS 55mm f/2.8.

The Visual Strength of Athletes

Emmanuel Bournot is a sports photographer. When he points his lens at athletes, he doesn’t just capture their figure; he sees works of art in their trained physiques and the drama of their sports careers. He spoke with Phase One about his career, his camera, and his passion for sports photography. The Fascination of Sports Photography “I am fascinated by sportspeople. The aesthetics in general and the photogenicity that emerges. Some athletes, including swimmers of very high level, have very harmonious bodies –you can see their very defined musculature. They are like works of art. Sport touches me. I find a lot of drama and emotion. It has become the focus of my career. I have the chance to understand the sport, which allows me to analyze the scenes of action without thinking, and to concentrate on the aesthetics of the fraction of a second that I will immortalize.” “When I look at a file at 100%, even raw, it does the same thing as when you put on glasses for the first time. We …

Stefan Schlumpf shooting extreme sports photography with the Schneider Kreuznach Blue Ring 35mm and 55mm lenses

Extreme sports photography with Stefan Schlumpf

Extreme sports photographer Stefan Schlumpf captured dare-devil world record holding highliner, Stephan Siegrist, in the unique location of Martinsloch in Switzerland. Watch the video documenting Stefan’s highline shoot for a dose of extreme sport inspiration.   Driving home from Zurich to Chur one day, Stefan thought about capturing the extreme in a unique location. Martinsloch is the biggest hole on a mountain-side in Switzerland. Twice a year the sun shines directly through the mountainside hole, onto the church of Elm. He wanted to break new grounds with extreme sports photography. For the shoot, he used the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System and Blue Ring lenses: “I used a 35mm and 55mm lens for the highline images. My own lenses are automatically identified by the system and the focus is calibrated specifically. As a result, you get outstanding overall sharpness and virtually distortion-free images.” Explore the products mentioned in this story: