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Phase One top most-liked posts on Instagram 2017

Your favorite Instagram posts of 2017

2017 has been a year full of stunning pictures, incredible journeys, and stories that have entertained us all. We decided to get nostalgic and look back on 2017’s top 9 most-liked posts as a big thank-you to all you fantastic photographers and followers. We’re so grateful to you all for supporting us, liking our pictures, and engaging with our posts. Much more to come in 2018! Incredible portraits in medium format Your most-liked picture of the year is this portrait of Christopher Walken by Rick Wenner “This portrait of the incredible Christopher Walken is one of my all-time favorite images I’ve shot. I was assigned by Observer to go to Walken’s home in Connecticut and was told that I would get an hour of his time, which blew my mind as I am used to only getting a few minutes with celebrities. We had multiple setups ready to go when Chris (he let me call him Chris) was ready and we started with this seamless background set up. We had a nice conversation while I …

Michael Tonsberg for the XF Camera System Feature Update 4

Feature Update 4 – A focus on focus

Now expanding the XF Camera System for the fourth time. Take a look at the new features and watch professional studio photographers in action. Read more about the new features here. Autofocus & Recompose for product shots See how photographers, Michael Tonsberg and Carsten Esbensen, make use of Autofocus & Recompose for these product shoots of Danish jewellery companies, Lynggaard Jewellery and Georg Jensen. Focus Stacking – Freedom to express creativity Photographer Jean-Marie Michel, tries out the new Automatic Focus Stack Calculator for this shoot. See how the new focus stacking feature gives him the freedom to be more efficient. Explore the products mentioned in this story:

Photographer, Werner Pawlok shooting The Chanel Cruise in Cuba with the Phase One XF Camera System and Schneider Kreuznach lenses

Fashion shoot with Chanel in Cuba

Internationally renowned Artist and Photographer, Werner Pawlok, first visited Cuba in 2004, beginning work on a long-term series he named ‘Cuba Expired’. In 2013, Pawlok created a new series of large-format images based on rediscovered old footage from a photo session with performance artist Leigh Bowery in the late 1980s; the works were displayed in numerous installations. His exceptional body of work, steeped in colour and experiment, is completed by his participation in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Musee de l’Elysee in Lausanne and at the Espace Louis Vuitton in Paris, by publications of books and articles, and by awards and prizes. We spoke to him about his “Coco in Cuba” shoot, photographing Chanel’s collection for Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore. Finding Charm in the Macabre “I have always addressed a wide variety of topics in my photography. The atmosphere in Cuba was morbidly fascinating, as if time had stood still. It’s strange, macabre charm possessed me, inspiring me to seek out unusual and seemingly unreal locations for my …

Fashion photographer, Giampaolo Sgura shooting with the XF Camera System and the Schneider Kreuznach 120mm lens

Fashion photography with Giampaolo Sgura

Fashion photographer, Giampaolo Sgura shoots for big names in the fashion world, including Vogue and GQ magazine. But it wasn’t always so. Coming from an agricultural background, he studied architecture, although he always knew that his heart was in fashion. We talk to him about how he made the leap into the fashion world and what inspires him. Driven by origins “I’ve learned a lot from my father, whose background is in agriculture. It’s in the way I work with people, the way I relate to them, my way of respecting everybody on set. I feel lucky to have such a great job. My father was always smiling even when his machines were stuck or broken. He’d be happy to fix it and make sure he was not losing days of work in his field and come back home to us proud of his day at work. Coming from this background you appreciate life, sun and respect.” From architecture to fashion “I studied architecture in Milan and Berlin but during those five years I have …

Andrea took the photos in this series using the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System and Schneider-Kreuznach lenses.

The Woman Behind the Lens: Andrea Zvadova’s Shimmering Photography

To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March, Phase One is highlighting the work of fashion and beauty photographer, Andrea Zvadova. About Andrea Zvadova “I was born and lived in Slovakia until relatively recently. A couple of years ago I moved to London. I got interested in photography from quite a young age, and have grown with cameras since my teenage years. Back then I was still shooting on film. Through my interest in the modelling and fashion industry, I slowly transformed my work into fashion, portrait and beauty photography. Currently, my work focuses mostly on beauty photography.”   Have you any advice for women who are thinking about pursuing a career in the professional photography industry? “The presence of women in the photography industry is rising. And I think the professional industry reflects that already. If you want a great image, you don’t consider if the photographer is a man or a woman; you always look at the portfolio to get the best results. Women have been proving they are more than capable of …

Bella Kotak shooting with the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System

The Enchanted Women of Bella Kotak

Bella Kotak is a fine art and fashion photographer. With her latest shoots, she whisks us into her feminine fairy-tale world bursting with blossoming flowers, captured with the Phase One XF 100MP Camera System. Prepare to be awed by the glistening beauty and magic she creates of nature and womanhood as Bella speaks with us about her work, inspiration, and the tools she uses to make her images. Where does your inspiration come from and what drives you to create these type of scenes?  “The first shoot, Winter’s Wildflower, tells a story of a queen-like character on a journey. I created the floral cape that she wears by using up of all the leftover flowers that I had been hoarding from the last year (and there were plenty!). I love playing with juxtaposing themes and seeing flowers and foliage in the middle of winter isn’t a normal sight which is why I thought it would make an interesting picture. Through this piece I wanted to say goodbye to 2016 and invite the viewer to join …

Christopher Mertz shared his first impressions when he tried out the XF 100MP Camera System

First experience with the XF Camera System

Christopher Mertz shared his first impressions when he tried out the XF 100MP Camera System. “For me, Phase One is the top choice if you’re looking to change your DSLR to medium format. With fantastic image quality, 16-bit files, depth of field that can’t be compared to any other camera out there, and a ton of useful time-saving features, Phase One makes the decision an easy one.” “… This was my first time using the XF, and I was hugely surprised by the performance and overall experience of using the camera. There are so many features to play with, but a few really stood out.” “As a Profoto user, the fact that the XF IQ3 100MP Camera System has a built-in integration with Profoto Air is a very useful and utterly cool detail. It made lighting changes during the shoot simple and fast.” 16-bit color depth “You also get 16-bit color depth to play with, which means you can reach a whole new level of accurate color reproduction. The colors in the files are unlike any …

Jason Bell for Phase One shooting with the 100MP XF Camera System

Jason Bell on location for Vogue UK

“I wanted to shoot the Poldark cast on location, as an obvious reference to the show they are all starring in. But I didn’t want to have it look like the show, more a Vogue nod to the show.   Behind the Scenes for a VOGUE shoot “I knew there would be low light, and I love working with daylight as much as possible. It was a dull grey day and we were at times inside or in a forest, so there was not much available light. The higher ISOs you can you use with XF 100MP Camera System and still get crisp, noise-free images made it the obvious choice for me.” “When on location, I try to keep the setup as simple as possible so that we can concentrate on making images, not technical arrangements.” “Shooting directly to a laptop with Capture One on set is great, as it’s small and portable. It allows us to keep the subjects enthused in the process by occasionally (but not too often) showing them some of the …

Fashion photographer, Nicklas Ingemann used the Phase One IQ3 100MP Digital Back

Fashion photography tips with Nicklas Ingemann

Fashion photographer, Nicklas Ingemann, took over our Instagram account and shared his top tips and tricks for his fashion shoots. The intensity of a fashion shoot “My lighting setups are extremely important to me, as they shape the image. Model Charlie Bredal has a unique look, and I wanted to capture the intensity of her look with the XF 100MP. Each lighting group had to be tweaked in power, which was pretty easy directly from the camera with the improved control of Profoto’s Profoto Air.” “Ever had the feeling of being crowded around the tethering station by a curious creative team, wanting to see their work as it pops up on the screen? “I usually bring an iPad to shoots to avoid just that, also giving the team or the client a possibility to rate the images as they are shot when using the Capture One Pro Capture Pilot app.” “As a professional photographer, it provides endless joy when the client is excited about the images while still in the creative process.” Mutual understanding between …