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How OMS Photo creates next level commercial product photography

Today we are highlighting OMS Photo and the way they use Phase One cameras in their commercial photography workflows. Their commercial photo studio is often hired to create something that will be featured globally via packaging or advertising. When OMS gets opportunities, they want to make sure they have the best equipment available. When they discovered Phase One cameras and experienced their power, they bought two. Cameras like these allow OMS Photo to turn a product, such as a single square of a chocolate bar, into the size of a billboard. Here are some of OMS’s favorite finished projects they’ve shot with Phase One Camera Systems: To OMS, the value comes from the process and post-production OMS has seven full-time photographers and three digital retouchers, and everyone has areas of expertise – food, products, lifestyle, portraits, and more. When using Phase One, we always use the uniquely-created Capture One Pro software. This allows us, as well as our clients, to quickly view the images taken on a computer screen. Despite the massive file size, the …

Finding inspiration and creativity in still life photography

We interviewed Phase One Ambassador Paloma Rincón to discover how she continually finds the inspiration for her wonderfully creative still life images. How do you define yourself as a photographer? I define myself as a still life photographer, but sometimes this description isn’t enough. So, I usually have to explain my profession, because my work also covers other creative disciplines including art direction. What would be a typical job for you? Typically, when I get contacted, the client asks for me to interpret the task and add my own creative style to it. So usually, my task is not just to follow an agency brief, but also to help develop the creative concept. Usually, I get asked to do commissioned shoots based on references from my own personal projects. This is also why I do a lot of personal projects – so that I can move my commercial work in a direction that I also have an interest in. My projects are often product shots of, for example, food, drinks or tech products, but composed …

Paloma Rincón Infinity XF IQ4 150MP Camera System

Conceptualizing abstract ideas in product photography

We tasked Phase One Photographer Paloma Rincón with capturing an image of the XF IQ4 Camera System that conceptualized the idea of the new Infinity Platform and the high resolution – and to shoot her concept with the product itself. Here’s what Paloma had to say about inspiration and transforming an abstract idea into a tangible and visually-stimulating image. What got you interested in product and still life photography? “While I was learning and exploring different photography genres, I always kept shooting still life. It was a way to be able to experiment without depending on many people, and I found that I could have a lot of control in what I did. As I´ve always enjoyed arts and crafts, I started to include many custom-created handmade elements in my compositions. This helped me discover my own approach to still life – an approach where I can develop different skills and techniques I like. I found a way to combine all the disciplines I´m passionate about: art, design and photography. I´m always looking for the …

Jake Curtis Inspires with his product photography

Jake Curtis inspires with contemporary photography and design

This week, Jake Curtis takes over our Instagram profile with his contemporary twist on product photography. “I’m based in London, but shoot around the globe. I photograph people, places, interiors and still life. My subject matter is diverse and I love the unique challenges each one brings.”  See more from Jake on our Instagram profile.  Explore the products mentioned in this story:

Michael Tonsberg for the XF Camera System Feature Update 4

Feature Update 4 – A focus on focus

Now expanding the XF Camera System for the fourth time. Take a look at the new features and watch professional studio photographers in action. Read more about the new features here. Autofocus & Recompose for product shots See how photographers, Michael Tonsberg and Carsten Esbensen, make use of Autofocus & Recompose for these product shoots of Danish jewellery companies, Lynggaard Jewellery and Georg Jensen. Focus Stacking – Freedom to express creativity Photographer Jean-Marie Michel, tries out the new Automatic Focus Stack Calculator for this shoot. See how the new focus stacking feature gives him the freedom to be more efficient. Explore the products mentioned in this story:

Vincent Lions used the Phase One XF Camera System to capture his product photography

Concept to Capture: A guide to product photography workflow and technique

Toronto based product and commercial photographer, Vincent Lions, shows us how he achieves perfect sharpness from end-to-end on his product photography shots. Vincent takes us step-by-step through every aspect of his product photo shoot, from sketching the concept to the final results. Download the e-book where Vincent shares his workflow from concept to capture. Concept to Capture: A guide to product photography workflow & technique “I won’t lie to you: I shot multiple images of the watch in water before I got the result I was looking for. And if you add elements such as liquid, smoke, or basically anything organic or in motion; you have to accept you’re working with some factors that you can’t always fully control.” A 100% crop of the picture above. Sketches for the photo shoot “I very often start my projects with a sketch. It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, but it helps me to share ideas with my client. That way, I can also explore different options before going on set and figure out what material I …

Fritz Hansen shoot with the XF 100MP Camera System

Shot from the Heart: On Set with Republic of Fritz Hansen

The world-renowned interior design company, Fritz Hansen, show us how an iconic brand plans and executes a photo shoot using a Phase One XF 100MP Camera System. We get the inside track from three creative minds who know how to make a brand shine. The Visual Department’s Perspective Insights from the mastermind of the Fritz Hansen ‘look’, Mie Sandfeld, Visual Department Representative. “All photo shoots begin with a brief – here we state which products we are going to take pictures of. Next, we need both to consider the purpose of the images and the target group. This is very important to make sure the images display our products in the right way – both practically with angles etc., but also emotionally to catch the viewer’s attention and hopefully get a positive reaction from them.” Planning the Shoot “When planning this photoshoot, it was important for us to consider the overall “theme” (look and feel), as well as which products would be most relevant to take pictures of. For us, the most important aspect of …

Photographer, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen shooting Scandinavian design with IQ3 100MP Digital Back

When Scandinavian design meets photography

Scandinavian Design is characterized by a seeming simplicity; though the complexities behind this careful aesthetic should not be underestimated. Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen is one of the founders of Norm Architects. He’s also a significant name in photography. Jonas uses Phase One equipment and we spoke with him about the Scandinavian design concept to find the bridge between his creation of minimalist physical spaces as an architect, and capturing these same spaces as a photographer. The architect and the photographer “We founded Norm Architects in 2008. Today we work globally with residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, graphics, art direction and – of course – photography. My interest in all these disciplines is basically an effectuation with aesthetics in general. In our designs, we always strive to balance — between richness and restraint, between order and complexity. In most Scandinavian designs, there are always details that take the product beyond the strictly simple and give it something extra. We try to reach a point where there is nothing to add and nothing to take away that can make the …

Photographer, Marie Baersch showing us her Phase One XF Camera System

Behind the scenes with Phase One

We have collected some of our favorite behind the scenes photos. From deserts to the ocean, see the camera as it is shooting around the world. The desert “When I use medium format, I slow down. I think much more about the image I have to take, the framing, the composition, light etc. I plan the shoot much more before I actually take the picture and it is another kind of image I take. I often use DSLR when it is more like a reportage shoot, for example when I have to get up in a wind turbine, or out on an oil rig shooting, where I do not have a lot of time, and the subjects are moving around, forcing me to catch the situation rather than planning it.” – Tom Lindboe. North American landscape Reuben Wu working with the XF 100MP Camera System recently for his Lux Noctis series, capturing the beautiful North American landscape. Blue Ring lens “Not much to say. I just love the Blue Ring lenses…” – Ken Hermann Behind the scenes …