Extraordinary passion


This is a collection of intimate portraits of fine art photographers from around the world, focusing on the passion for their craft and photography as an integrated part of their lifestyle. The common denominator among these photographers is the complexity of their personalities, all of them having other professions or passions beyond photography which inform their approach to taking pictures.


Opening windows into other worlds - Leif Steiner

Opening windows into other worlds – Leif Steiner

I’m Leif Steiner, a photographer from Boulder, Colorado. I used to own an advertising agency. I loved the creative industry, the thrill of it, loved our clients, but after 20 years in the business I decided life was short and it was time to do something entirely new. I don't have a lot of background in photography, but because of my role as a creative director I believe I developed an eye, a sense of problem-solving, opinions on style – all of which I think can easily be applied to photography. So I approach photography from a problem-solving standpoint. When ...
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Managing the subjective experience - Pierre-Alain Folliet

Managing the subjective experience – Pierre-Alain Folliet

My name is Pierre-Alain Folliet, and I am a photographer from Geneva. My passion for photography started a long time ago. My university studies in the USA and then a career in finance took priority for a while, but I eventually decided to fully commit to being a photographer. My decision to focus on photography came at a time when people were reaching out with project proposals that I had to refuse due to the lack of time. I realized that if I kept refusing photo projects, they’d stop coming to me, and if I really wanted to do photography ...
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Celebrating life through photography - Rudy Atallah

Celebrating life through photography – Rudy Atallah

My name is Rudy Atallah, and I am a retired air force pilot and special operator. Now I have my own global security company, I run two nonprofits and I’m a photographer. I was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon to an American mother and a Lebanese father. In 1984, I moved to the United States, joined the Air Force after college, and ended up in the First Gulf War. I served for 21 years and retired in 2009 after the Mærsk Alabama hostage rescue – the Captain Phillips story. After that, I started White Mountain Research, along with my ...
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Capturing time in landscape - Ken Rhodes

Capturing time in landscape – Ken Rhodes

Hi, I’m Ken. I'm a neuroscientist by training, currently working as the chief scientific officer of a young biotech company located in the Boston area. I am also an avid landscape photographer. I always had a passion for photography. I did quite a bit of film photography when I was in high school, but at university I put the camera down for several years as I pursued an advanced degree and raised a family. I picked it up again about 10 years ago and revived my interest in landscape photography in a way that surprised even myself. “You can plan ...
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Finding a new home - Miles Flint

Finding a new home – Miles Flint

I’m Miles Flint, and for the last 10 years I've been working as a photographer. Before that, I worked for many years for Sony in the UK and around the world, so I see photography as a second career, a new vocation I found later in life. After many years of just taking pictures, it was 2009 when I heard that Phase One were running a 10-day workshop in Death Valley, California, and I managed to get a spot. It was during that trip that I realized just how little I knew, how much I had to learn. I realized ...
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