Local Ambassadors


Our local ambassadors are highly skilled technical photographers who excel not only in practising their discipline, but also teaching it.

They are passionate and knowledgeable, travelling the world to capture its beauty and pass on their mastery through travel workshops, studio days or other kind of events.


Geoff Ang

Geoff is an established fashion and commercial and photographer living in Singapore. His beginnings as a still life photographer set the foundations for his approach to photography. In still life, light is the crucial element to bringing life to an object: a kind of magic that fascinates Geoff to this day, when he’s a master of lighting.

He is actively involved in photography projects and seminars through which he shares his experience and vision. He has started a mentorship program called 2.0, and a photographers community called Raw.

Learn from Geoff: www.twopoint0.biz, www.rawspace.sg

See Geoff’s work: www.geoffang.com , @geoffang



Peter Eastway

Peter is an Australian photographer known internationally for his landscape photography. Peter has been involved in photographic magazine publishing for over 30 years, establishing his own title, Australia’s Better Photography Magazine, in 1995. As a result, Peter and his websites are a wealth of information on how to capture, edit and print, offering tutorials, videos and inspiration for amateur and professional photographers. Peter is the author of the Lonely Planet’s Guide to Landscape Photography and, more recently, the book The New Tradition. He was featured in the Tales By Light television series, which you can watch on Netflix.

Learn from Peter: www.betterphotography.com

See Peter’s work: www.petereastway.com



Christian Fletcher

Christian Fletcher is a multi-award-winning landscape photographer with
nearly three decades of experience. The philosophy behind his photography
is to reinforce connections to our natural environment.

One of the highlights of Christian’s work life is imparting his knowledge to others in a series of workshops and online tutorials. If you have ever participated in one of his sessions, you will have experienced his enthusiasm, passion, humour and incredible depth of knowledge of both technical and creative skills.

Learn from Christian: www.christianfletchertraining.com

See Geoff’s work: www.christianfletcher.com.au


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