Paloma Rincón

Madrid-based and Mexican-born, Paloma shoots imaginative still life that dazzles and provokes. Her art emerges at the intersection of photography with sculpture, design, installation and illustration. Paloma has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where she started to explore the possibilities of Photography combined with her interest in Design and Fine Arts.


Conceptualizing abstract ideas in product photography

We tasked  Paloma Rincón with creating an image of the XF Camera System that conceptualized the idea of the new Infinity Platform of the IQ4 digital back and the high resolution. Learn more about the project.



With still life photography I found a way to combine all the disciplines I´m passionate about: art, design and photography. I´m always looking for the right balance between my more technical side and the more creative one. Both are equally important in the kind of projects I do. I´m very interested in physical interactions that I can reproduce in my compositions, from the movement of liquids to the way a certain source of light hits a surface or casts a shadow. I like to turn technical challenges into sources of creative inspiration.


For this project, my starting point was the idea of infinity as a modular platform, and the super high resolution of the IQ4 150MP. The set I built was a composition of geometric structures that represented pixels. I used materials that could be related to photographic concepts, with transparencies for the crystal in the lenses, how light interacts with the glass and the color as it passes through.



I love the quality of a Phase One image, it’s so detailed. I like how the camera captures light and reproduces color. Compared to working with DSLR, the perception of space you have in a medium format camera is just incredible, and you get so much brightness and crispiness in your images – it is incomparable.




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Paloma uses an XF Camera System.
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