Paul Reiffer

Phase One Ambassador Paul Reifer still holds on to his Kodak Disc 6000 8mm camera from his childhood, when his father had a dark room in the attic of his home on the south coast of England. But today, he produces landscape and cityscape photography for some of the world’s best known brands, from international hotel chains and airlines to clients such as National Geographic and IMAX. Paul’s work features ultra high-resolution, medium-format images from some of the most stunning places around the world.



Learning about long exposure photography with Paul

Paul Reiffer is not only an amazing photographer, but also a passionate teacher of photography, leading exclusive travel workshops for dedicated enthusiast photographers interested in learning and honing their skills. We couldn’t think of a better person to write a Phase One ebook on long exposure and landscape photography. Read the ebook here.



Long exposure photography can deliver images which allow the viewer to feel the movement, the motion, the excitement or serenity of the landscape that you capture. So get out there, try some of the techniques in this guide, experiment and find your own style.


There’s always that one shot, for every photographer out there – “the one” that just keeps getting away, the one that’s never quite right when you click the button, or the one that’s impossible to find the right conditions to capture. For me, that shot has been the same for over 9 years now: San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in the fog. But then, one random winter’s afternoon, I managed to break that spell.



Paul shoots with an XF IQ4 150MP Camera System.
Check out more of Paul’s work on his website and on Instagram.