Freezing motion and emotion: the photography of Rafa Sanchez

Rafa Sanchez is a photographer, illustrator and motion graphics designer from Madrid. He makes pictorial portrait photography that plays with light, color, textures and body language, capturing fleeting moments that feel like a reverie but stay with the viewer for a long time.   I’ve always wanted to make art. As a kid, I would spend my days in my room drawing. Later I went through a graffiti phase, and then I fell in love with illustration, animation and graphic design. I’m drawn to anything from animated films and illustration to street art, advertising and typography. My first contact with photography happened at Artediez (Escuela de Arte 10), where I studied illustration. Back then I wasn’t really focused on photography, but I did learn how to use a camera as part of my studies. Then, as soon as I could afford a camera, I started taking pictures of anything and everything. I photographed illustrations and things I noticed while walking through the city or travelling, but also random objects in my home or textures of … Continue reading Freezing motion and emotion: the photography of Rafa Sanchez