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New Orleans through Werner Pawlok’s lens

New Orleans through Werner Pawlok’s lens

In an old city, famous for its distinct French and Spanish Creole architecture, cuisine, culture, and music; the uniqueness of New Orleans’ living history is kept alive in the buildings and spaces. Its colonial past, jazz, voodoo, and Mardi Gras have left exciting, colorful traces strewn throughout the city, all of which drew photographer Werner Pawlok to capture its charm and beauty in his warm, painting-like style. Bar Napoleon “Few places capture the essence of New Orleans like the Napoleon House: A 200 year old landmark that’s as casual and unique as its French Quarter surroundings. It was owned by the Mayor of New Orleans who offered it as a refuge to Napoleon in 1821 during his exile. Although Napoleon never did make it to stay there, the name did and has been attached to the establishment ever since. Bar Napoleon since become one of the most famous bars in America, and has been a known haunt for artists and writers all throughout the 20th century.” House of Craig 1 “You can practically taste the …

Fashion photographer, Giampaolo Sgura shooting with the XF Camera System and the Schneider Kreuznach 120mm lens

Fashion photography with Giampaolo Sgura

Giampaolo Sgura shoots for big names in the fashion world, including Vogue and GQ magazine. But it wasn’t always so. Coming from an agricultural background, he studied architecture, although he always knew that his heart was in fashion. We talk to him about how he made the leap into the fashion world and what inspires him. Driven by origins “I’ve learned a lot from my father, whose background is in agriculture. It’s in the way I work with people, the way I relate to them, my way of respecting everybody on set. I feel lucky to have such a great job. My father was always smiling even when his machines were stuck or broken. He’d be happy to fix it and make sure he was not losing days of work in his field and come back home to us proud of his day at work. Coming from this background you appreciate life, sun and respect.” From architecture to fashion “I studied architecture in Milan and Berlin but during those five years I have been studying …