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Documenting the conditions of coal miners

Swedish documentary photographer Sebastian Sardi is innately curious. After reading an article about coal mining accidents in China in 2008, he decided that he wanted to see this first hand and to document the workers’ side of the story – shedding light on the lack of workers’ rights. From this beginning, his curiosity grew. Starting in China, he expanded to Russia, Kazakhstan, and eventually, India. In India, he discovered coal mines that had grown around, and sometimes into, local villages, covering everything with a thick layer of fine dust. His photographs eventually turned into a book, titled Black Diamond, documenting the lives and conditions of those living alongside the coal.  We sat down with Sebastian to learn what he finds important in documentary photography, and his workflow in capturing these coal miners and their environment. What interests you most about documentary photography? People, their lives, and their stories. This series is focused on a very sensitive subject. When capturing difficult and sensitive subject matter, what do you take into account? I approach people with respect …

Cityscape photographer, Michael Salisbury used the Phase One XF Camera System & IQ1 80MP Digital Back for this project

Chicago Cityscapes with Michael Salisbury

Chicago or Gotham City? Michael Salisbury takes over our Instagram account with five days of street photography and architecture shots featuring spellbinding cityscapes, including his ‘Chicago minus Chicago’ project. “This is the first image from my series called Chicago minus Chicago, where I create empty landscapes of the busy city. This whole project was shot with the XF & IQ1 80MP Digital Back.” “A foggy morning to start the day. Pictured here is the Wrigley Building, one of my favorite pieces of architecture in the city.” See more from Michael on our Instagram profile.  Explore the products mentioned in this story:

Focus stacking with Isamu Sawa

Focus stacking with Isamu Sawa

We joined Isamu Sawa in Australia for his personal project where he gave us an insight into his personal projects while explaining his Focus Stacking technique. Isamu Sawa captures the beauty of re-emerging colorful flora against the black devastation of bushfires in Australia. Isamu captured multiple macro images with sequential focus points and combined them with specialized software in order to artificially maximize the depth of field of his subject shot on the IQ1 80MP Digital Back. The series preserves brief moments in the slow composition and death of profound beauty. The dried and wilting flowers photographed were all sourced from wedding ceremonies and furnished by Isamu’s wife who is a bridal florist. Explore his “Without Water” project here. Explore the products mentioned in this story: