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Bela Raba is a fashion photographer shooting with Phase One IQ2 50MP Digital Back and 80mm, 55mm, and 35mm Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses

Fashion and advertising photography with medium format and DSLR

Bela Raba is a German-based photographer, specializing in fashion and advertising photography. She has worked around the globe for more than 20 years and has a studio in Munich. Bela’s father was a successful freelance fashion photographer in the 1970s. Inspired by him, she began taking pictures herself at the age of 15. By age 19, Bela had enrolled in a three-year photography course before working in the USA for a fashion catalogue photographer for some years. After which she followed up with a Master’s Grade in photography and proceeded to pursue her own work. In this series about why photographers opt to use medium format in addition to DSLR, we explore Bela Raba’s point of view. What’s in your camera bag and why that equipment choice?  My equipment consists of: Phase One IQ2 50MP Digital Back 80mm, 55mm, and 35mm Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses Canon EOS 1 X 24-70mm 2:8, 50mm 1:2, and 100mm macro lenses Profoto 7 series light equipment (7a, 7s, and 12 lamp heads) Profoto B2X “We all know that …

Landscape and sports photographer, Michael Blann shooting with the IQ2 50MP Digital Back

Tour de Landscape: Michael Blann’s Cycling Photography

Michael Blann is one of those rare people who united his two great passions and created something wonderful. His love for cycling and landscape photography came together, and out of this emerged beautiful works of art depicting athletic endeavors in gorgeous locations from high above. Michael Blann spoke with Phase One about his journey from Tour de France dreamer to capturing the dream in photographs. The course of Michael Blann’s career “I grew up cycling (when it was unfashionable), watching the Tour de France and I even raced seriously in Australia when I was 19-20 years old. I wanted to turn pro but it didn’t quite happen. It took another 25 years before I connected my two passions, cycling, and photography together when I started a personal project on the famous cycling climbs. This eventually evolved into a 3-year project and a coffee table book Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs.” “Like many personal projects, it’s not always clear why you start them, but this becomes apparent over the course of the project. There was certainly a …