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Phase One top most-liked posts on Instagram 2017

Your favorite Instagram posts of 2017

2017 has been a year full of stunning pictures, incredible journeys, and stories that have entertained us all. We decided to get nostalgic and look back on 2017’s top 9 most-liked posts as a big thank-you to all you fantastic photographers and followers. We’re so grateful to you all for supporting us, liking our pictures, and engaging with our posts. Much more to come in 2018! Incredible portraits in medium format Your most-liked picture of the year is this portrait of Christopher Walken by Rick Wenner “This portrait of the incredible Christopher Walken is one of my all-time favorite images I’ve shot. I was assigned by Observer to go to Walken’s home in Connecticut and was told that I would get an hour of his time, which blew my mind as I am used to only getting a few minutes with celebrities. We had multiple setups ready to go when Chris (he let me call him Chris) was ready and we started with this seamless background set up. We had a nice conversation while I …

Landscape photographer, Steve Gosling shooting the world’s first 100-megapixel Achromatic Digital Back.

Black and White landscape photography with Steve Gosling

To honor the photographers who dedicate themselves to the classic tradition of black and white photography, Phase One designed the world’s first 100-megapixel Achromatic Digital Back. Landscape photographer, Steve Gosling, kindly shared his thoughts on black and white photography, and we found out what makes him so passionate about the genre.   “I’ve been taking photographs since the age of seven, and when I started out, black and white film was the only realistic option (color film was expensive to buy and to process) so I grew up seeing the world as a black and white photograph. So, although I do occasionally shoot color, my default is to see the world in black and white. Learning to see in black and white requires the photographer to develop a new vision that reduces the landscape to interlocking shapes and tones. This requires practice and experience. “Personally, I like the fact that working in monochrome removes the distraction of color. There are times when color doesn’t add anything – or worse, just seems to get in the …

Architecture photographer, Joel Tjintjelaar shooting with the 100MP Achromatic Digital Back

Architecture in Black and White with Joel Tjintjelaar

“There’s a quality to the black and white photos from this camera that feels like the beautiful analog photos from the past that I’ve never seen before in digital.” Award winning black and white architectural photographer, Joel Tjintjelaar, took in hand Phase One’s 100MP Achromatic and spoke with us about his love of black and white photography. He explained how he uses an absence of color to add depth to his images. How would you describe yourself as a photographer? “I would describe myself as a photographer who aims to create art. Photography is just a medium to express myself emotionally and create beautiful things. I try to create art by moving away from reality as many steps as possible. I’ve always felt that moving away from reality is a way of creating aesthetics. One way is by working in black and white, since our real world is not a black and white world. I have other ways of moving away from reality, like working with long exposures and exaggerating the differences in luminance to …