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Phase One top most-liked posts on Instagram 2017

Your favorite Instagram posts of 2017

2017 has been a year full of stunning pictures, incredible journeys, and stories that have entertained us all. We decided to get nostalgic and look back on 2017’s top 9 most-liked posts as a big thank-you to all you fantastic photographers and followers. We’re so grateful to you all for supporting us, liking our pictures, and engaging with our posts. Much more to come in 2018! Incredible portraits in medium format Your most-liked picture of the year is this portrait of Christopher Walken by Rick Wenner “This portrait of the incredible Christopher Walken is one of my all-time favorite images I’ve shot. I was assigned by Observer to go to Walken’s home in Connecticut and was told that I would get an hour of his time, which blew my mind as I am used to only getting a few minutes with celebrities. We had multiple setups ready to go when Chris (he let me call him Chris) was ready and we started with this seamless background set up. We had a nice conversation while I …

Landscape photographer, Steve Gosling shooting the world’s first 100-megapixel Achromatic Digital Back.

Steve Gosling’s inspiring landscapes

At this year’s International Black and White Spider Awards, photographer Steve Gosling achieved six nominations and one Honourable Mention in three different categories (Architecture, Fine Art, and Nature) for his breathtaking pictures. Four of Steve’s pictures were shot with Phase One equipment. Below he shares the stories behind the captures. ‘Dragons Teeth’ (Dunmore Head, Ireland) “Taken at a beautiful spot on the west coast of Ireland looking out towards the Great Blasket Islands. It took me some time to refine the composition to my satisfaction to ensure that there was a clean flow of line and shape from the foreground to the islands in the distance. Having worked hard to successfully resolve the design of the image to my satisfaction it’s a photograph I’m very pleased with.” “Taken with an Alpa TC camera with Schneider 35mm lens, Phase One P20+ Digital Back, Lee Filters, Gitzo tripod, and head.” The Call of the Wild’ (Trotternish Penisula, Isle of Skye) “I was attracted by this remote telephone box for two reasons. Firstly, these traditional red boxes are …

PLUME - Art Collective, Ernest Otoo and Andy Pilsbury capturing ink in water with Phase One IQ3 50MP Digital Back

Fine art photography: Mesmerising ink in water

Experience the Instagram takeover showcasing the mesmerizing behavior of ink in water; the perfect example of the stunning fine art photography results capable with the IQ3 50MP Digital Back. “Collective Growth” is the new body of work from the duo at PLUME – Art Collective, Ernest Otoo, and Andy Pilsbury. The resulting quality, sharpness, and abstract nature of the medium mean even micro-compositions can be found within the full-scale image. “We used the Schneider Kreuznach LS 80mm, which provided us with exceptional clarity and edge to edge sharpness. Part of the quality of our work lies in the clarity of the content. Being able to see details up close on our large scales prints is a real selling point for us.” – Andy Pilsbury See more on our Instagram profile here.  Explore the products mentioned in this story:

Rick Wenner shoots using the Phase One XF Camera System with IQ3 50 MP Digital Back and Schneider Kreuznach 80mm and 55mm lenses.

Up Close and Personal with Rick Wenner’s Portrait Photography

New York-based editorial and portrait photographer, Rick Wenner, has been up close and personal with many famous faces, capturing a look with a style of his own. He often shoots in black and white, a format which he believes mirrors his preferred minimalist style by focusing on the subject without distraction. About Rick Wenner and his Photography “I am a New York based editorial and advertising portrait photographer. There’s something about capturing moments with the subject in a one-on-one environment. My personal work tends to focus on people that I find inspirational and are doing incredible things in the world. There is a recent portrait that I did with a model named Yves Mathieu who has about 90% (maybe more) of his body tattooed. I never met him before I went to his apartment in Brooklyn. In his Instagram posts Yves will always have positive things to say about humanity, his life experiences, and he’ll even tell stories about people who have taken their own lives due to bullying so to inform and inspire others …

Tommy Reynolds and team went to Iceland and showed us their trip from start to finish to Iceland with a Phase One XF IQ3 50MP.

View Iceland through the lens of Tommy Reynolds

Tommy Reynolds and his team went to Iceland to shoot the beautiful landscape and showed us their trip from start to finish. Capturing Iceland with the XF “My first thought when I took the XF Camera System out of its case was how beautiful the design was and how well-balanced it feels in your hands. I took a test shot and got a little bit too excited at the shutter sound…to that, I can only say, ‘it’s a photographer thing.’ “For shooting landscapes in Iceland, the XF Camera System was easily the best tool for the job. “This was my first experience using the XF Camera System or any digital medium format camera. So it’s no surprise to say that this was a huge jump from my usual camera in terms of detail and, of course, the 15 stops of dynamic range.” “Being able to pull the shadow detail was like working with an HDR composite. It was too easy and a huge advantage. I used the camera’s built-in time-lapse tool to act as an intervalometer …