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World adventurer and photographer Paul Reiffer travels the world with Phase One IQ3 Digital Back 100MP

Landscape photography with Paul Reiffer

World adventurer and photographer Paul Reiffer have traveled around the world capturing people, landscapes and commercial images for many years. Diamond Beach, Jokulsarlon, Iceland “How cold is the water in Iceland during the winter? VERY. Very, very, very cold. Which is something I learned about 3 seconds before I clicked the button to capture this image of one of the baby icebergs washed up on Iceland’s Diamond Beach, at the mouth of Jokulsarlon. On the basis of “if you’re already wet, you may as well get the shot” – I clicked just in time to capture this block before it rolled back out to sea, then running back to the car to switch back into dry clothes and shoes.” Technical info for the picture: IQ3 100MP – 28mm, f/14, 2.5 seconds Stonehenge, England “Standing for thousands of years, deep within the English countryside just outside of Amesbury, Wiltshire – this ancient circle of Neolithic stones is recognised by historians and tourists from all around the world. With special “inner circle” access to the stone ring …

Architecture photographer, Joel Tjintjelaar shooting with the 100MP Achromatic Digital Back

Architecture in Black and White with Joel Tjintjelaar

“There’s a quality to the black and white photos from this camera that feels like the beautiful analog photos from the past that I’ve never seen before in digital.” Award-winning black and white architectural photographer, Joel Tjintjelaar, took in hand Phase One’s 100MP Achromatic and spoke with us about his love of black and white photography. He explained how he uses an absence of color to add depth to his images. How would you describe yourself as a photographer? “I would describe myself as a photographer who aims to create art. Photography is just a medium to express myself emotionally and create beautiful things. I try to create art by moving away from reality as many steps as possible. I’ve always felt that moving away from reality is a way of creating aesthetics. One way is by working in black and white, since our real world is not a black and white world. I have other ways of moving away from reality, like working with long exposures and exaggerating the differences in luminance to create …

Bastiaan Woudt for Phase One shooting with Phase One XF 100MP Camera System and Schneider Kreuznach 80mm, 28mm, 110mm, and 150mm lenses.

The Meteoric Rise of Bastiaan Woudt

Bastiaan Woudt is a self-trained photographer, developing his craft and signature style through immersion in the history of photography, and studying the masters in museums and fairs. By immersing himself in the world of photobooks and exhibitions, Bastiaan developed from his early Pictorialist style into something wholly more abstract yet sharp, and with a strong focus on detail. His portraits and nudes transform the subject from mere humans into unreal (and ideal), giving a contemporary twist to the classical form. Origin and inspiration “I am always looking for things that draw my attention. People, objects, landscapes. I guess I’m not one kind of photographer. When my eldest son was born, I bought my first ‘real’ camera. From there my interest in the medium exploded and resulted in a career in photography. Much later I found out that in primary school, one of my first essays was on photography.” “My inspiration comes from many forms of art, but in particular, the old masters of photography. Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Man Ray, Bill Brandt, all amazing minds …